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LumenVox TTS Features

The LumenVox Text-to-Speech (TTS) Server is a complementary technology to our Speech Recognizer, enabling your application to synthesize the most natural-sounding speech on the market.


Speech Synthesis - Create the Most Natural Sounding Voice

The LumenVox TTS Server provides Text-to-Speech synthesis, turning written text into spoken speech. It supports the Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML), a way to format text within XML to control the pronunciation of words, and it can also accept plain text in order to perform synthesis. As with the LumenVox Speech Engine, the primary method of interacting with the LumenVox TTS Server is through the Media Server in which case synthesized audio is provided back to the client application as a Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) stream.


Voice Packages - Install and Deploy Languages With Ease

The LumenVox TTS Server is available in twenty-two languages with a variety of male or female voices for each language so that you can customize your solution to provide the most natural experience for your customers. One or more voice packages, also referred to as modules, can be purchased, downloaded and installed in a manner similar to the LumenVox Speech Recognizer’s language packages. Each voice module requires approximately 250 MB of disk space. Language support includes American English, Australian English, Brazilian Portuguese, British English, Canadian French, Castilian Spanish, Danish, Dutch, European French, European Portuguese, Icelandic, Indian English, Italian, Latin American Spanish, North American Spanish, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Standard German, Swedish, Turkish, Welsh and Welsh English.

Standards Support

Let industry standards simplify development. Our adoption of standardized protocols and development tools make it easy to replace your existing ASR with the LumenVox solution. The LumenVox TTS Server was developed specifically to work with our Media Server.

Media Server

supports MRCP v1 and 2, allowing for drop-in replacement of other TTS engines in dozens of various voice platforms supported by LumenVox.

C and C++

extension of the LumenVox C and C++ application programming interface, so you can write a custom application around the TTS Engine for total control.


Distributed Client/Server Architecture - Seamlessly Grow Your Speech Environment

You can’t afford service outages or hardware failures. The versatility of the LumenVox TTS client/server architecture allows your administrators to seamlessly grow speech environments as the business functions they support grow. This distributed architecture provides stability through redundant installations and achieves higher levels of performance through load balancing, without requiring increased processor load.

The LumenVox TTS Server is designed to excel in telephony, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and other similar command/control environments. So whether you are speech enabling a call router or looking to develop applications for the burgeoning mobile market, LumenVox has the full suite of products you need.

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We are confident that you will find even more features and resulting benefits from using our Text-to-Speech solution. 

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