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LumenVox Technology Stack

Powering Seamless Speech Recognition and Frictionless Biometric Authentication

Call Progress Analysis

LumenVox Call Progress Analysis (CPA) increases outbound message delivery completion by detecting answering machines and other messaging tones with near 100% accuracy.

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Active Voice Biometrics

Text-dependent and text-prompted voice authentication engine for on-device or server usage.

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Passive Voice Biometrics

Text-independent voice biometric authentication engine tailored for passive applications.

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Speech Recognizer

An accurate, speaker-independent technology supporting multiple languages that enables you to add speech recognition to any application.

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The LumenVox Text-to-Speech (TTS) Server synthesizes spoken speech from written text with the most realistic and natural sounding voices on the market.

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Technology Extensions

Maximize the Return on Investment From Our Core Voice Technology Suite

Speech Tuner

The LumenVox Speech Tuner is a GUI-based tool that assists in speech application tuning and transcription, as well as instant parameter, grammar, and version upgrade testing of any speech recognition application.

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Contact Center Extension

The LumenVox Contact Center Extension seamlessly integrates our voice biometric platform into the modern contact center, providing for IVR (active) or agent led (passive) authentication.

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