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Speech Tuner

Perform transcriptions, instant parameter and grammar tuning, and version upgrade testing

Robust GUI Interface

Review vital accuracy statistics at a glance, making the Tuner’s Windows GUI interface your primary source of information about your speech applications.

Continuous Tuning

Tuning uses prompts, grammars, call flow, and caller data to improve the speech application performance. Administrators have the ability to quickly correct mistakes.


Improve Performance

If you need to write new SSML, the tuner can check its syntax, or if your ASR application is misrecognizing words, it can help you edit the grammar or test configuration changes. 

A Properly Tuned Speech Engine Can Catch Every Word

The LumenVox Speech Tuner, a complete tuning and maintenance tool, is a must–have for every speech application and can be used to improve the effectiveness of any LumenVox product.

The Speech Tuner performs transcriptions, instant parameter and grammar tuning, and version upgrade testing of any speech application. It reduces the work of your post–deployment application revisions, and allows you to bring tuning in–house, avoiding costly professional service fees.

Speech Tuning in 3 Easy Steps


Import Data

Converters import call log data into the Speech Tuner database. All information stored by the call log is available in the Speech Tuner. Its Call Indexer service automatically scans remote speech applications for fresh logged calls, putting the data you need a click away.


Transcribe Speech

Transcribers can type the text of the caller’s speech directly into the Transcriber. Once the audio is transcribed, the Speech Tuner compares audio transcripts with the Speech Engine results to determine accuracy, greatly reducing errors associated with manual evaluations. The transcripts are evaluated using the actual decode grammar, producing measurements such as word–error–rate, in– and out–of–grammar rates and semantic error rates.


Test Immediately

Selecting an interaction in the Call Log automatically loads the associated audio and grammar into the Tester. The grammar can be edited, Speech Engine parameters set, and individual recognition tests generated. The Speech Tuner natively supports industry standard SRGS grammars. Once a set of possible changes is identified, users can batch test audio to evaluate performance, using those changes.

Learn More

Looking for more specific information about the LumenVox Speech Tuner? Click for: a complete list of features; information about the call browser, tester, transcriber; or additional documentation.

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