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Getting Started with the LumenVox NLU Gateway

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The LumenVox Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Gateway allows applications to take advantage of third-party services that provide natural language processing for supplied text.  This includes the intent classification and entity determination, as well as conversational bot interaction.  The LumenVox gateway directly communicates with various NLU processing cloud services and sends the text transcription of the spoken audio.  The NLU results are returned to the speech application within the semantic interpretation typically returned for grammar based speech recognition.  The NLU Gateway handles all communication and authentication.  The results from the various vendors are normalized to a common format.  This allows existing and new speech applications take advantage of NLU processing with very little to no extra programming.

The LumenVox NLU Gateway runs within a Docker container.   

Setting up new connections to NLU service providers can be done via the LumenVox dashboard. 
NLU Gateway Administration