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NextGen Voice Biometric Exceptions

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Items in curly brackes {} will be replaced by variable content.

So for example of the ConfigurationSymbol =  984bd0af-15d7-4a62-b19f-cb8cef0d91dd  then  the message

Error creating NextGen Voice Biometric Engine for Configuration {configurationSymobl}  

will be shown as

Error creating NextGen Voice Biometric Engine for Configuration 984bd0af-15d7-4a62-b19f-cb8cef0d91dd

Expcetion TypeCodeException StringCausePotential Solutions
PlatformException1010 -  ErrorCode.BiometryMissing

Unable to instantiate NextGen Voice Biometric Engine


Error creating NextGen Voice Biometric Engine for Configuration {configurationSymobl}

Selene .NET Engine is missing or cannot be loaded

Verifiy that 

  • Biometrics.Selene.v1.0.dll 
  • libgcc_s_seh-1.dll
  • libgfortran-3.dll
  • libopenblas.dll
  • libquadmath-0.dll
  • VTSelene.Core.dll
  •  Selene.Wrapper.dll

are present and that opening  Biometrics.Selene.v1.0.dll    with JustDecompile does show errors.  Dependency Check 

PlatformException1010 -  ErrorCode.BiometryMissingBiometryMissing, NextGen Voice Biometric Engine requires implementation field of the verifier in the format <type>,<asssembly >.In the table VERIFIER_DEFINITION there is an invalid entry in IMPLMENTATION COLUMNFix the Database to be in the format <type>,<asssembly >. For NextGen Voice Biometric Engine this is : VoiceTrust.VoiceBiometrics.Selene.v10.VTSelene,Biometrics.Selene.v1.0
"Resource file is mandatory."Verifier Parameter : VTRootPath is missing.Create Verifier Parameter by that name and assign it to the verifier.
Unable to find file: {resources}.File specified in VTRootPath was not read.Make sure the file exists.
Unable to parse parameter ScoreNormalization with value {paramStrValue} to boolean.The parameter ScoreNormalization is not something that maps to true or falseUpdate ScoreNormalization accordingly.
Unable to parse parameter NormalizationScale with value {paramStrValue} to float.The parameter NormalizationScale is not something that maps to a floatFix the NormalizationScale  to be in the format  21.001
Unable to parse parameter NormalizationOffset with value {paramStrValue} to float.

NextGen Voice Biometric Engine needs to be cloned before init functions are called.Programing error. Since the engine maintains a state a copy of it has to be made priory to usage.Open Jira Item.