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The app’s initial screen is used to identify the user. The user identifier for the configured organization must be entered once. The next time the app is started, the user is automatically populated.

Note that all screens in the app have a customizable help section.

Once the existing organization user is found, the available authentication methods are displayed.

Initially, only the directory authentication (username &
password) is available, unless other authentication methods like
knowledge-based-authentication (KBA) have already been enrolled via the web portal.

Voice authentication is optional and depends on your system’s architecture and setup.

Note, that all pages give you the option to cancel the action and revert to the start screen.

All registered directory accounts for the given user are available for authentication. The app automatically shows the associated directory account’s username.

After successful authentication, several actions are available. The primary functionality is to unlock an account or reset a password for an existing account.

Other modalities (such as KBA or voice authentication) can be enrolled after a successful authentication.

In the screenshot shown here, those options are no longer available as they are already enrolled.

If password reset is selected, this screen enables the user to select a system for reset. The user must enter the new password twice.

To unlock the account, select the system only.

If KBA authentication has been selected, previously enrolled questions are presented to the user and require answers. Questions can be skipped.

For authentication, 2-3 questions must be answered correctly, depending on the server configuration.

After successful authentication, the workflow continues and follows the action selected.

If voice authentication has been selected, the previously enrolled voice phrases need to be repeated, as displayed.

After successful authentication, the workflow continues and follow the action selected.

After an action, the app returns to the start screen.