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Fraud Scanner

Identify Fraudulent Activity Before Transactions Occur


Protect & Defend

Fraud Scanner enables fraud teams to quickly identify malicious behavior on the highest-risk calls, saving valuable response time to mitigate fraud loss. It’s fast and easy to deploy in any environment, so fraud loss reductions can start immediately, improving your bottom line.

Arm Fraud Analysts

Fraud Scanner arms fraud analysts with advanced voice biometric algorithms coupled with state-of-the-art neural networks. Your fraud team can execute batch fraud analysis where collections of caller audio are matched against watchlists of fraudster audio to detect fraud in near real-time.

Track & Report

Fraud Scanner enables easy preparation of data sets, analysis of audio, and interrogation of results. Fraud Teams can actively track and report ongoing activity, collaborate between team members and distribute the workload among available staff.


Stopping Fraud in its Tracks

Fraudsters are smart. As organizations are spending time and money securing digital channels, other channels that are less prone to protection are being exploited.

Since humans are always the weakest link, fraudsters are now focused on the contact center. Protect and defend vulnerable voice channels from criminal activity with LumenVox Fraud Scanner, a voice-based fraud detection tool to combat contact center fraud.

On average it takes 7 months to discover fraudulent transactions. Fraud Scanner can cut that down to a matter of hours.

A caller whose voice matches a fraudster voiceprint receives further investigation, so fraud analysts can determine if the call is legitimate or if a fraudster is preying upon a customer account.

A Fraud Game-Changer

Fraud is prevalent. Fraud prevention is expensive. LumenVox Fraud Scanner is a cost-effective and easy-to-use voice biometrics tool that matches caller audio against known or suspected fraudster voiceprints.

Deploy Quickly & Easily

Requires almost no integration because it consumes audio after the call concludes. No other fraud strategy is as easily integrated into your workflow. 


Automate Detection

Compare a specified set of audio recordings against a single watchlist or multiple watchlists in near real-time, either hourly or daily, depending on business requirements.

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