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Call Progress Analysis (CPA)

Ensure Your Outbound Messages are Heard

Personalized Proactive Calling

Enables the effective delivery of relevant, personalized messages to customers through preferred phone channels.

Exceptional Accuracy

Leveraging the strength of the LumenVox Speech Recognizer’s voice activity detection, in combination with our tone detection, ensures messages are delivered in full.


Captured Attention

Proactive communication that customers crave. No more ignored emails or text messages. Instead, phone calls that get customers the information they need exactly when they need it.

Clear Communication

Consumers value real-time updates, whether it’s for products or services. Proactive communication is critical for time-sensitive events such as scheduling updates, appointment reminders, location changes, service updates, unplanned outages and even local emergencies, LumenVox’s Call Progress Analysis (CPA) uses state of the art technology to successfully deliver complete outbound phone messages.

A Unique Approach

Our tone-based detection represents a significant innovation compared to many other energy-based answering machine detection technologies. Most systems guess whether the call is connected to a human based on energy levels and timing queues, resulting in confusing cutoffs and miscommunication.

Call Progress Analysis uses advanced speech recognition technology, including the sophisticated machine learning process of voice activity detection, to determine whether the call has been connected to a live person or an automated recording system and times its output accordingly. That means your customers are consistently kept in-the-know, boosting satisfaction, and reducing churn.

Voice Mail is Detected

Message restarts at the beginning or a custom voice mail message is played.

Human is Detected

Message begins playing at the beginning of the call.

How Call Progress Analysis Works



The solution analyzes the audio during call startup, scanning for telephony messaging tones.


When the call is connected, it automatically begins to listen for specific tones.


Once it has determined if the recipient is a human or a voicemail, it plays the message.

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Looking for more specific information about LumenVox Call Progress Analysis (CPA)? Click for: a complete list of featurestechnical specifications; or additional documentation.

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