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How well do you know speech recognition? Speech recognition is a field of computer science and computational linguistics. It is responsible for developing technology that recognizes and translates spoken language into text—using computers. Other terms associated with speech recognition include: ASR, or automatic speech recognition, computer speech recognition, and speech to text.

With Siri and Alexa now incorporated to our daily lives, many of us use this innovative technology without knowing how it really works.

That’s why we’ve created a new, two-part video series that gives a basic overview of speech recognition technology, its various components, and capabilities.

It’s called Speech Recognition 101.

Speech Recognition 101 Part 1 provides an overview of the components that enable speech recognition and discusses commonly used speech recognition technologies.

Speech Recognition 101 Part 2 takes an in-depth look at one of those parts, the grammar.

LumenVox offers Automated Speech Recognizer (ASR), a software solution that converts spoken audio into text. LumenVox ASR is unique in its ability to recognize naturally spoken language and its tuning flexibility.

You can learn more about LumenVox ASR here.

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