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Active Voice Biometrics

Text Dependent and Text Prompted Voice Biometrics

A Better User Experience

Active Authentication improves the customer experience by reducing hold and agent wait times by moving authentication task to an automated process early in the interaction.


Stronger Authentication

Protect your customer and business applications with layered security that uses biometrics to verify identity and prevent unauthorized access to information or accounts.

Compelling Cost Savings

Biometric authentication is proven to reduce operational and fraud costs. It enables you to quickly authenticate transactions in the IVR for increased containment, or through the live agent for faster, safer service.

Specialized Text-Dependent and Text-Prompted Voice Biometric SDK

The LumenVox active authentication platform enables building highly flexible and scalable active authentication solutions within your call center. This is a natural enhancement to any Interactive Voice Response (IVR), web or mobile application.

Sensitive user information is decoupled from the biometric voiceprint, enhancing the security of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Different thresholds, passphrases or languages can be configured and selected using a configuration identifier.

Simplified Integration

The LumenVox platform easily integrates into your existing contact center infrastructure to deliver advanced workflows and business rules that can be composed.

Easy Setup and Maintenance

of varied enrollment and authentication workflows.

Web Based APIs

(including SOAP and RESTful interfaces) allow for direct connections to existing applications.

How Active Authentication Works

The LumenVox Voice Biometric Engine Uses This Process to Actively Authenticate an Individual:

An individual’s claimed identity is verified via an organization’s predetermined methods.

The individual enrolls their voiceprint as prompted by the organization’s IVR or mobile application.


When the individual is requested by the organization to authenticate, the individual is asked to repeat a random set of words or a passphrase to give the voice biometric engine plenty of information to use during authentication.

The individual’s voice is then compared to the enrolled voiceprint and verified.

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